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During Pandemic Corona virus, this is the best way to make money online without any investment

               Real   ways  to                                                                   Make money

 I am give you the right direction, To how to make money online without any investment during this pandemic corona virus's time at home. I am telling the different-different ways to make money online with your ordinary mobile phone.

    What is Corona virus?       
  Corona disease (COVID-19) is an irresistible infection caused by a new Covid.

The vast majority of people infected with the COVID-19 infection will experience mild to direct respiratory illness and recover without requiring rare treatment. More established people and those with basic clinical problems such as cardiovascular infections, diabetes, persistent respiratory disease, and malignant growth are doomed to create real disease.


What is the prevention to save from Corona virus?

 Protect yourself and others from contamination by washing your hands or using an alcohol-based rub often without coming into contact with your face.

COVID-19 infection is mainly spread by salivation or release beads through the nose when an infected individual hacks or sniffs, so it is important that you practice breathing manners as well (for example, hacking a flexed elbow) . 

Why peoples are lost their job during corona virus time? 

The pandemic Corona virus has affected the lives of more than millions of peoples, according to information from public authorities. In India, the unemployment rate hit 27.1 percent around the start of May, as nearly 122 million Indians lost their jobs between March and April, according to the Center for Monitoring the Indian Economy. Additionally, 37.5 million duplicates were irrelevant.   

And the main reason of unemployment is Lockdown,it is because maximum all peoples are in home and not eligible to go their workplace or company and various companies are closed so that some reasons peoples are lost their jobs due to Covid19. 


 Which are Top 6 best and real way to make money online without any investment?

        1)  Get Paid for Your Opinion.


With the end of many shops, restaurants and work environments, many people are stuck in their homes. Rather than getting to the bottom of it with fatigue, there are loads of ways to bring extra cash on your vacation.

Probably the least demanding approach to making money from home is to undertake Online Survey. Obviously, spending almost no time a day on study won't make you rich, but every last bit helps, especially in an emergency.

So how can this work? Many brands, research groups, and even political associations are looking for help on the latest trends and what people like YOU are thinking. In return for your review, you will be paid for the time you spend responding to a few inquiries.

Most previews last between 5 and 30 minutes and you will be paid a few dollars for your time. Either way, there are reviews from time to time that may pay $ 50, $ 100 or more. These usually require a bit more input, for example being important for a face-to-face or online meeting in a center, or for testing another item and giving feedback.

2)  Make money by Blogging.

 It is certainly not a momentary fix, but it could generate some income in the long run if you are engaged and able to understand how advanced advertising works. The best sites get most of their traffic through natural pursuit (through a cycle called SEO) or through online media building a quality after.

If you're an avid storage room essayist in need of handing out but don't know how to do it, make every hit your approach to abundance by writing your own blog.  Building a huge post will allow you to gain benefits by luring on sponsors, composing paid surveys, or earning commissions for promoting other people's posts. 

The various individuals perusing the online occupation with glasses consistently see the numerous positions, yet various positions are phony and few positions are genuine and burn through their imperative time searching for the positions that are genuine. Today I'm informing you regarding the best site for bringing in cash and it's called BLOGGER.COM and it was dispatched on August 23, 1999. 21 years prior and its proprietor is GOOGLE. 

3)  By Selling  photos.

If you love photography or have lots of photos on your hard drive, why not sell them on the web? Organizations are producing a lot more content online right now, so the correct images and topics could help make money for you. Instead of uploading a bunch of scenes and just selling what you have, take a look at the types of images that commercial sites, news sites, and sites have been using over the past few weeks. Try to take pictures on these subjects and stay steady on what is popular at the moment.

Stock photography destinations like Dreamstime, Photoshop and EyeemShutterstock,  it take a commission on every selling to your images and by the use of thies all sites you easily make lots of money daily to your bank 🏦 account.



4)  Earn money from YouTube.

Today I am enlightening you concerning the well known web-based media application YOUTUBE. It is an American application and the most well known for survey and sharing Vedios. This application was dispatched on February 14, 2005. 15 years prior this application has been working for various years and numerous individuals are enlisted in this application.

In the event that there's a sensational entertainer covered up inside you who desires acclaim and applause, transfer yourself on YouTube. You can be a producer, artist or entertainer who needs a more extensive crowd. Your profit will come from advertisements showed on your video page. This cycle is like the compensation per-click publicizing program.


5)  online Data entry work.

If you are hoping to Data entry work, the online information passing professions can be an amazing type of income. Whether you are resigning, a student, a stay-at-home parent or simply looking for low-maintenance telecommuting; information passing professions can be a kind of maintainable income. There are various certified, expert and experienced reappropriation organizations that extend to information gateways and employment opportunities for people who need the adaptability of working from their home computers.

6)  Make money by Data scrapping or Web mining.

For those beginning organizations interestingly or attempting to take their current business to the following level, it very well may be difficult to tell where to begin. Web scrapping, which is the programmed extraction of information from a page, is a device that organizations new and old, of all shapes and sizes, can use to build benefits and development. Web scratching is ideal for organizations and people new to information and information assortment since it is a straightforward and powerful approach to start joining on the web information into your everyday practice. 

Web scratching causes you better comprehend the commercial center you're working with, your intended interest group, and the interests of that intended interest group. 

What is Data or Web mining?

Web scraping or mining is a computerized method of extracting huge masses of information from sites that could then be saved money on a record in your PC or on an accounting page.

The moment you access a page, you can simply view the information without being able to download it. Indeed, you can physically rearrange part of it, but the time has come to burn out and not adaptable. Web scratching robotizes this interaction and quickly extracts accurate, solid information from the pages that you can use for your business knowledge.

You can also scrape immense amounts of information and various types of information. It could very well be text, images, email IDs, phone numbers, recordings, etc.

What is the work of any Web or data scrapper? 

Web scrappers are instruments that therefore extract data from the pages and then place it into a single, organized, downloadable accounting page. This makes data efficiently shareable with workers or colleagues. While you can do the web scraping physically, web cleaners save you a lot of time and energy, allowing you to focus on the business that matters most - your own. For entrepreneurs pressed for time or for people starting another task, scrapping is moderate and ideal for those looking for join information as it is very easy to understand, reasonable and does not need a brand new division. 

What is Lead in web mining?

As a business, for you to contact your imminent clients and create more deals, you need qualified leads. That is getting all the subtleties like the name of an organization, road address, contact number, messages, and other fundamental data.

The lead generation will attract and convert anyone interested in your articles or administrations.

Currently, it is very clear that you will be looking for such data on the web. Freely accessible information with the data referenced above is quickly opened up on many stages, from online media to featured articles.

Why Lead generation is important for web scraping?  

The generation of lead is perhaps the centerpiece of any business interaction.

Lead data exists everywhere on the web, from index locale to web media stages. The better you collect and use this data, the more successful your marketing efforts will be.

In addition, with web scraping, you will direct where your prospects come from. This directly affects the quality of leads, and as you probably know, better leads lead to more offers.

Top 5 Websites for Quality Lead Generation   

Is web scrapping is Legal or not? 

In late 2019, the United States Court of Appeals dismissed LinkedIn's solicitation to prevent HiQ, an investigative organization, from erasing its information.

This choice was an important second in the era of information security directives. He has shown that any information that is openly accessible and unprotected by copyright is reasonable play for web crawlers. READ MORE.. 

How to make money by Web mining from Google maps? 

Google Maps is an urgent access point for all business information records. With all the information from Google Maps scrapping the heads of administrations, it is not difficult to locate all the data, and you can also use this information to gain business resources, grow old, and organize massive mail crusades.

you can Scrap the distinctive Google Maps information fields this way:

  • Company Name

  • Contact information

  • Address

  • Notes on Google Map

  • Site url

  • Company ID

  • Open business or not

  • Classify

  • Representation

  • Email ID

  • Photo url

  • Surveys

  • List confirmed or not

  • Site Email 

After that, you sell this dat to freelancing sites Like Fiverr, freelancer, guru, indeed etc. And make lots of money from home.

You also do this work with your ordinary mobile phone by the use of YANDEX browser and open this browser and use the extension (Instant data scrapper) on google map and after doing this all information like email id, phone no , website address etc. on any company, are automatically downloaded on Excel format to your device and you easily sell this without any problem or fear and earn lot's of money daily to your bank account.

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