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To make money online by selling images, vedios & audio without any investment.

                              MAKE MONEY BY



 I am telling,  how to make money online by selling any images, vedios & audio without any investment. This is the best technique to earn money online by just upload your or any images, vedios & audio to Dreamstime.com site and after some time various people are buying your product then you got money to your bank account.


What is Digital product?

Digital product means, any item or product which are present in digital form and they are not available physically.

They include images, vedios, audio,e- books etc. and you easily sell this thing If you have any right to sell it or this photo or vedio is click by your mobile(Device), and any person are easily sell this product because this thing are available to your mobile phone. so Pick your mobile phone and click any image or shoot any vedio and sell it then earn money online. 

What is Dreamstime.com ?

This is basically a site, It was founded on 2004: 17 year ago

If this site is running since various years so, this is a genuine site and everyone easily trust on this site without any fear.The Headquarter of this site was located on Brentwood, Tennessee, United States.

CEO : Serban Enache.

This site is very popular to all over the world because any person are easily earn online money by this site, You just simply Register on this site at free of cost and upload your Digital product Like your images, vedios, & audio on this site. 

 After uploading your digital product then various companies & peoples are buying your product and you got money to your bank account very easily without any investment.


Who buy my ordinary images, vedio & audio?

If you think that my photo is not so good like any professional photograph and my photo is not buy anyone so you are wrong,your or any image &vedios are easily sell on this site(Dreamstime.com)  without any investment and your digital product like images, vedios and audio are easily buying by :

  • Multinational companies
  • Private company
  • Various Industries
  • Big Shopes
  • Software company etc.


Why would anyone buy my simple images & vedio?

Various peoples are thought that, I am very ordinary person and my face is not looking good and photo is very simple so, why anyone or big companies are buy my photo & vedio so if you think this thing then you are wrong your any photo or any image is easily sell on this site at higher price by big company and industries.

Any company or industry are easily buy your ordinary photo because For the promotion of her products and brand. This company or industry are Launched her new products every month, and for promoting her product they starting Advertisement or gig in various states. 

And For launching their advertisement or gig in India or any other state they need those states People's photos So, i.e the reason that your ordinary photo and vedio are Buy by this company or industry at your price.  


What prevention should need before uploading the digital products?

Before uploading your digital products such as images and altars, you should ensure that the rules for your photo are met:

  1. Should be your own work and you should claim copyright after everything in it. 
  2.  Tracked representations must have the first image uploaded to the Release of Ownership region.
  3.  Try not to transfer hostile substance such as express nudes, drugs, individuals in hostile positions, prejudices.
  4.  Add a relevant representation to your file to build its relevance in the hunts. Try not to use all the covers for the name and representation.
  5. records must be JPEG or PDF, file names must contain letters and numbers only, no unusual characters.

How much money I earn by uploading images and vedio on this site?

For each exchange, the donor gets a 25-half income share, which is determined based on the net amount of the exchange. Restrictive documents get an additional 10% reward, while some supporters enjoy 60% revenue sharing for all offers and an additional reward of $ 0.20 for each approved accommodation. This transfer reward is given for the first 100 documents approved for a certain time and only for the initial 10,000 confirmed records if your download rate is above 0.1

Any donor can demand a payment when the surplus has reached $ 100. And you earn lot's of money easily by this site and in short your earning is depend on that how much images, vedio &audio are submitted on this site.

Which companies buy images, vedio& audio from this site?

There are various raputated and multinational companies are buying images, vedio & audio from this site, since few years and the name of this company are:

  • Google
  • Walmart
  • hP
  • Autodesk etc.

  • Google.

Google is an American organization commonly known as a web crawler. Although the organization has made a name for itself as a web index, and most of its compensation comes from promoting in this direction, it has spread to various regions, for example, distributed computing, programming and equipment.

  • Walmart.

  • Walmart is an American multinational retail company that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores in the United States.

    • HP(Hewlett-Packard).

    HP stands for Hewlett-Packard and was a US-based company that focused on computer hardware and software, as well as IT services and consulting.


    • Autodesk.

    Autodesk, is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Since its introduction of AutoCAD software in 1982, Autodesk has continued to develop the widest range of 3D software for global markets.

    How to make money by selling images, vedio & audio at free?

    You easily make lots of money by selling your digital products Like images, vedio & audio at free of cost by this site Dreamstime.com

    So, you first register on this site at free and after registering on this site you got a e-mail(This mail are added in your Promotion section to your Gmail account) for this site about activate your account and if you click this button then your account is open on this site and then   you are a contributor or sellor on this site.

    After doing the step, you easily upload your digital products Like images,vedio & audio on this site and after some time your product is selling on this site and you got money and this money is not recieved you only one time selling, you receive money every selling on your product and this money is easily transfer to your bank 🏦 account by Paypal.

    If your image is not selected than, Your image might have one or more of the following  issues:

    • Lack of concept.
    • This occasion is excessively old and no longer of interest in the article area.
    • Misshaped pixels, picture was introduced, ineffectively examined, upsampled, oversharpened.
    • Powerless lighting due to the lighting conditions (bad season of the day, dull sky, harsh shadows, etc.) as well as camera restrictions / Poor differentiation or wrong aperture.
    • If that's not too much of a problem, improve the specialized execution (crooked pixels, clamor, mix, DOF, shading correction, foundation expulsion, white balance, dust on the camera sensor, etc.)

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