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Make qr code and earn money online at free

                   Simple way to make

                              money online 

QR code is basically abbreviated as Quick Response code. Normally is a Design and some Link or any text are embedded in this design, so you easily create this QR code to another person at free of cost and make any amount of money with them.

There are lots of ways are available on internet to make money online but various are fake and some are real, so I am give you the right direction to make money online and this is Make qr code and earn money online at free.

QR code's  full form is Quick Response code, The QR code is basically a type of Barcode and it was first designed in 1994 by the automotive industry in Japan. This QR code are easily scan by any scanning qr code app and various apps are available on Google Play Store.


am tell you the step by step instructions to How to Make qr code and earn money online at free :

Firstly, you go to the famous freelancing site "Fiverr.com" and Register it at free of cost. Than After that you create your Gig            (Advertisement ) as a QR code designer.

If you do the above step than various companies or person are contact you and give her Website url, Text, Social media links etc. and you easily create her QR code without any investment or problem by the use of free QR code generator website.

There are various qr code generator sites are available on internet but only few are free and genuine so I am give you some free qr code generator sites Link are :

1> https://www.qrcode-monkey.com/


The above 2 sites Link are the best and genuine site to make QR code at absolutely free and you easily create design to another person or companies and make lot's of money with also your mobile phone 📱 and you easily transfer this money 💰 to your bank account by Paypal at free of cost.


Q1>  what are the full form of QR code ?

Ans) Quick Response code.

Q2> It is Legal to sell QR code?

Ans) yes 

Q3> which site are make QR code at free?

Ans) there are various sites are available on internet to easily make any QR code at absolutely free Like :

1) https://www.qrcode-monkey.com/

2) https://www.online-qrcode-generator.com/

Q4> Who much money are earn by selling QR code?

Ans) It is depend on the customers, not fix amount.

Q5> what is the app are used to transfer money to my bank account?

Ans) By PAYPAL app.

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