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Today I'm going to tell you HOW TO MAKE MONEY FREELANCING ONLINE AT FREE and everyone does the job on their mobile phones. There are many jobs available on this website and you don't need a certificate to do this job. So, you can do this work easily and without fear.

I'm telling you about the site "Freelancer.com". This site is very popular around the world as any person belonging to a cast works on this site or hires the staff on this site for free. This site was founded in 2009; 11 years ago it means this site has been working for several years so this site is completely secure and headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The founder of this site was Matt Barrie.

Hence, I am giving you the right information to How to make money freelancing online at free on this website:

First, open this site (see link below) and register for free. You simply log in with your email ID.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation email to your email ID. If you click on this confirmation email, your account will be open on this website.

 After creating your account on this website, the first thing to do is complete your freelance or business profile and fill in the correct information about your skills before you can start working on this website without any problems.

If you follow the above steps, your profile on this website will be ready and anyone can easily see your profile on this website. If you have a freelancer, you are easily find work which are available on this website and otherwise, companies if any, than you can easily find the freelancer or employee to work on this website.

When you have finished the work, you can easily transfer the payment from PAYPAL to your bank account. This feature makes it easy for you to receive or send the money. So this is the very real and genuine website that you can make money online for free and any person are easily do this job.

Important tips :
                                If  you have a freelancer and you not have any skill than i am give you some suggestion that you can create LOGO DESIGN or THUMBNAIL on any category(subject) very easily to your mobile phone and it is because various designing apps are available on google play store (SOME GENUINE DESIGNING APPS ARE GIVEN BELOW )  with the help of this app any person easily create any logo or images, and this kind of jobs are available on this freelancer site and lots of people are doing this type of jobs daily in this site and make lots of money so you also do this work and earn lots of  money.

Freelancing site are given :

Download link of Logo designing app :

Download link of Thumbnail and Logo designing app :

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