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Today I am telling you about the famous social media app YOUTUBE. It is an American app and the most popular for viewing and sharing Vedios. This app was launched on February 14, 2005.  The name of the founders of this app were Chad Hurle, Steve Che and Jawed Karimny. This app was headquartered in San Bruno, California.

This app is very famous all over the world and many people see different vedios in this app every day. Various multinational companies spend a lot of money on youtube for their corporate advertising, and then youtube puts all advertising on their vedios, and many people easily see on that advertising as sales of these corporate products are increasing.

Different type of vedio are created on Youtube to channels of each category. If a person likes your vedios than they SUBSCRIBE your channel, and if your channel vedios are good and everyone like your vedio than your vedio rating is increased day by day and if your subscriber is more than 4000 than you automatically big money earn and this money gives youtube.

Every person can easily create their own channel for free, and you don't spend any money on youtube. You create your channel in any category like:

1) How to Make Money Online.

2) How to Lose Your Fat.

3) How to improve your voice etc.

Your any channel in any category can easily be seen by someone and your channel rating will be increased slightly as many people search for different categories on youtube every day. Vedios and if he likes your vedio than he or she likes it and subscribes to your vedio, meaning your vedio rating is increased very much and then youtube give a lot of money to your bank account.


If you don't have a subject or category, I will let you know through a website (which is given below) that has provided you with many e-books on different categories or subjects. And you can easily download these e-books to your mobile phone for free. At the time of downloading, you can easily automatically download the templates, images and licenses, etc. of this e-book.

You first read an e-book and then create your vedio on the subject. At the time of uploading, you need to enter the title and description on this topic and then upload your vedio to Youtube so that everyone can easily see your vedio. This work is very simple and easy, so that you can easily do all of this work and make a lot of money. At present, different people are doing this work and making a lot of money. This money can easily be transferred to your bank account.

To download various free E-books on this site :                      

1)  https://www.indigitalworks.com/.                                                                         

2). https://www.bigproductstore.com/

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