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 Instagram is the largest social networking site in the world and currently many people are members on this site (INSTAGRAM). This site was released in October 2010 as software and some time later its creator can make many updates to Instagram and the Instagram creator name was Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. 

Most people can only know that instagram is a vedio and photo sharing app, but that is not true, a lot of people are making a lot of money on instagram and anyone can easily make money. money on instagram and you don't need any qualification and you also don't give any kind of payment on instagram is absolutely free and you easily earn a lot of money.

I say the full information to earn money on instagram for free on your mobile phone:

Various rich cannot create their instagram photos and vedios on their own, so the rich look for the people who can create their instagram photos and vedios at any cost, rich men look for the person on various independent sites such as UPWORK, GURU, FREELANCER, FIVERR, DESIGNCROWD etc.

The above work are very easy and anybody can easily do this work and earn lots of money so, today I am telling you who to easily  create instagram photos and vedios on various freelancing site at free of cost. Various freelancing site are available for this work but some are real and some fake but I am telling you the right and genuine freelancing site who can provide real work and the money is also safe in this site and the name of this site are  FIVERR.

Fiverr is an international site and has been working since February 1, 2010, and a lot of people work on this site, it is renowned for its freelance work and a lot of people are making a lot of money on this site daily, so it is a site genuine and registration on this site is absolutely free giving you no type of payment on this site.

So you first open this site (FIVERR) and you register it for free, then after registration you go to your profile on the fiverr site and you see the option GIG (GIG means like an advertisement) then you click on this concert option then you fill in all the information correctly, then after finishing your concert profile you are eligible to download free sample photos and Instagram videos and you easily create these instagram photos and videos for free on various sites and applications.

There are many sites and apps available to design instagram photos and vedios but various are fake so I am showing you the real and genuine sites and apps to design instagram photos and vedios absolutely free.                                                                                                                                               

     So the first site is CANVA, it is a very popular site for designing and this site has been running for a few years so it is safe and anyone can easily use this site and create instagram photos and videos for free.

The second site is ADOBE SPARK, it is also an international site and working for a few years and also a very famous site to design instagram photos for free so you first open this site and register for free then you create your instagram photos.                                                                                               

    THE third way is not a site is an app and its name is STORY MAKER, it is an Indian app that has been running for a few years, so it is a real app and everyone easily uses this app and creates photos and instagram vedios absolutely free.

So, after creating your instagram photos and vedios, you upload this design for free on the FIVERR site and after uploading your design, your ad is ready and several people easily see your ad and if he likes your ad, he contacts you.

If a person contacts you to create their instagram photos and vedios, that person can give them photos and vedios which can add these designs, then you easily create this person's instagram photo and video for free using the site above and APP. After creating the instagram photo and video on these people you send them to these clients and after receiving the design client send your money to fiverr site and you easily transfer that money to your bank by PAYPAL and that is very easy and secure therefore, all you easily do this job and earn a lot of money.

FIVERR'S   SITE   LINK  :https://www.fiverr.com/

CANVA'S   SITE   LINK :https://www.canva.com/en_in/

ADOBE SPARK'S  SITE   LINK :https://spark.adobe.com/





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