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Today I say that the worldwide multinational and its name is AMAZON. it's an American company founded on July 5, 1994; 26 years ago this company has been working for several years which everyone easily believes and your money is completely safe on this company and also the head office of this Amazon company is found in Seattle, Washington, USA and therefore the name of the founder is Jeff Bezos, he's very wealthy men and his business is additionally highly regarded for online shopping round the world.

So i'm visiting walk you thru the whole steps to create money from Amazon from home with none investment:

There are different ways to make money with amazon but several are paid and bogus too, i tell you the real and genuine way to make money with amazon and it is absolutely free and everyone easily does this type of work and earns a lot of money. money and the name in that way is AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETING.                      


So first of all you go to the amazon site (THE AMAZON SITE LINK IS GIVEN BELOW) and create your account for free after creating your account, you open the amazon site and scroll down to the last one, you see the AMAZON AFFILIATE option. After clicking this option you fill in some information about yourself and also fill in any website or app url, after filling all the information correctly you become an affiliate on amazon and you easily earn lots of money. money through this process.

If you become an affiliate on the amazon site, you just earn money in different ways, such as forwarding your affiliate link to your family, friends, WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, etc. and if he clicks on your link and buys a product online that you have a commission percentage from amazon and you don't mind that, that commission doesn't give your friends that commission gives amazon.

You also build your website on glasses for free and easily add many products from amazon site to your website and many people easily see your site on glasses and if someone clicks buy button he or she is automatically redirected to the amazon site and if he or she buys any product you got a percentage of money.

This is only possible on If you become an AMAZON AFFILIATE, otherwise it is not possible If you do not become an affiliate on amazon and send a product link to your friends and have them buy them, then you don't have any kind of money but if you become an affiliate on the Amazon site you have money to send product link to your friends and they buy any product and that money is easily transferred to your bank account and a person easily performs this job without any investment and this job you also do your mobile phone very easily.                     https://www.amazon.in/

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