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Today, I'm telling you about the REDBUBBLE site. The founder of the site was Martin Hosking, Peter Styles, Paul Vanzella, and the company that created this site was located in AUSTRALIA in 2006. This is the best and most authentic website to make money online by designing anything for free.

                                                                                I have also been working on this site for a few years, so I am sure that this is the original site to make money and I also earn a lot of money from this site because I create models of various things or products and upload them on the site and then someone else buys my design product than this site, they give me 20% commissions for each product in DOLLARS, so I earn a lot of money and anyone can work on this site as well.

To earn money online from this site are the following:

First of all, open the REDBUBBLE website and register it for free and you don't need any qualifications and at the time of registration you see two options,

1) Registration as an artist.

2) Registration as a customer.

so all, at the time of registration, select option 1 (REGISTER AS ARTIST) than after that select a member of the redbubble site and your store is automatically opened on the site.

Second, if your store is open on the site only after that, this site tells you to complete your profile, and if you complete your profile, you can upload your design to the site, and if you don't complete your profile, then don't upload the design. on this site, so it is necessary for you to correctly fill out your profile on the redbubble site.

Third, you can create your design in any way. It's very simple, because various design applications are available in the game glasses store, simply install the application and create a design.

Various design applications are available in the game glasses store, but I suggest the application whose name is TEXT ART, This application is very popular for design because the work is available in this application is very easy and anyone can easily use this application and makes a very easy and unique design, so everyone needs to install this app and I also give you the download link below.

If you are making a design, go to the redbubble site and upload your design. If you upload the design, you see that your design is automatically printed on various products, such as T-shirts, mugs, bags, and so on. and their prices are also different and also increase the commission for each product. If someone buys your design product than you received a lot of money in US dollars and this money is easily transferred to your bank account using the paypal application, you can easily create your account on paypal for free, so this is the best and genuine website to make money online very easily.                                                         www.Redbubble.com.                           

                                                                       DOWNLOAD LINK OF THE TEXT ART APP:.   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.text.art.addtext.textonphoto         

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